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Our Work

Here are a few examples of our recent projects.


  • RESTful API
  • Laravel Backend
  • AngularJS Frontend
In January 2015 the guys from Carsift approached us, they wanted some help to build a next generation car recommendation engine. Carsift is changing the way people buy their next car, and at the very beginning of that process is choosing a car.
Together with the guys from Carsift we built a recommendation engine. Carsift uses a simple question/answer section along with optional social media integration to understand the profile and preferences of the user. The engine can then use that data, previous users interactions and industry data sources to recommend a specific make and derivative of car.

Paradigm CRM

  • RESTful API
  • Laravel Backend
  • ReactJS Frontend

We believe that standard “off-the-shelf” software rarely works for any business. Whilst often a great starting place, a software system that seeks to please an undefined and potentially unlimited number of users and business types simply cannot, by its nature, be specific enough to cater for unique use cases. It’s a bit upsetting when a business needs to change how it operates just to accommodate a CRM.

Enter Paradigm. We started to build Paradigm around the specific requirements of a franchise of a major health and life insurance company. The statement of the project is simply to “…change the paradigm…” of what has gone before in relation to IT solutions.

It’s an on going project that we enjoy working on.

Checkout Paradigm's own website here: www.paradigmcrm.co.uk

Luv4 Marketing

  • RESTful API
  • Laravel Backend
  • ReactJS Frontend

We built a video delivery and e-learning platform for Luv4 Marketing.

Luv4 Marketing users are able to watch informative videos on chosen subjects, based on their level of expertise. They can then take tests based on the content to gain badges and certificates. 

The system has been developed with a RESTful API built in Laravel using PHP 7. We used a RESTful JSON API so that the system can develop into mobile application platforms without any over-haul of the backend API. The frontend is built in ReactJS. Using React, we can again reduce code duplication when the project takes advantage of mobile platform, by using the same UI logic across all platforms. 

Luv4 Marketing is a great platform for businesses looking to increase their social media prowess. Check them out www.luv4marketing.com.

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