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We're passionate about innovative problem solving

About Us

We started Conical in January 2015 with one simple aim: to build great software that helps people. We are passionate about solving problems that businesses encounter in a creative and effective way.

We specialise in web applications; that is applications that are hosted in “the cloud” and are accessible via multiple mediums, including, but not limited to, web browser interfaces, native mobile applications and desktop applications.

Whilst we are, at heart, problem solvers, we each outwork this one core value using our own skills and talents, pulling together to produce some awesome stuff.

build great software that helps people

So far, we’ve had the opportunity to work on some great projects for different business, and our own in house products too. You can find out about some of our work over at Our Work.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be a part of an awesome team, doing some great things, and making a difference. How many people can say they look forward to a Monday morning…?

How many people can say they look forward to a Monday morning?